Commitment to Service


Our Commitment to Service is to have expertly trained and highly motivated staff members, who exceed our guest's expectations every time they visit us.

Here are the staff's own words about their commitment to service...

Amanda DildineAmanda Dildine

"I like to think of everyone as family and treat them with the most respect."

Lisa DowneyLisa Downey

"I want to make every guest feel welcome by greeting them with a smile.  I try to anticipate guests needs to ensure they have a memorable dining experience." 

Dan Hall Dan Hall

"I anticipate guests needs to give them what they want before they have to ask for it" 


Tess Hamacher Tess Hamacher

"I came to serve, not to be served. My goal is to ensure that my guests have a memorable fine dining experience and leave with a smile"

Laura Hudson Laura Hudson - assistant manager



Andrew KamlerAndrew Kamler

"I strive to ensure that my customers needs are met in a speedy yet delightful manner."

Teresa McKinnon Teresa McKinnon

"I love making people happy and comfortable. I want my customers to be relaxed and enjoy themselves at Sybill's."

Josh Mosses Josh Mosses

"I aim to provide memorable and exceptional service throughout the entire dining experience."


Shawnda RobisonShawnda Robison

“I’ve been consistent in my attention to detail through my years of serving.  My goal is to always make our guests' dining experience beyond their expectations.  I never take my guests for granted, and I try to make sure my appreciation for them shows.”

Cathy Shaw Cathy Shaw

"I strive to provide legendary & memorable service to meet the individual needs of our guests and make them feel like family."